Enhancement of rowing performance in athletes after focal muscle vibration

  • Francesca Grasso
  • Claudia Celletti
  • Alberto Ranavolo
  • Romildo Don
  • Filippo Camerota
Keywords: muscle vibration, proprioception, rowing, sport activities, strength


Muscle vibration has been reported to induce positive long lasting effects on proprioception when applied on specific body segment.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of focal muscle vibration applied on quadriceps and latissimus dorsi muscles in
athletes evaluated during rowing test. Sixteen volunteered national level sculling stroke rowers were randomized in a study group
and in a control group (treated with sham vibration). The overall kinematics consistency, joints angular acceleration patterns and
performance test were used for evaluation. Results showed statistical significant differences for angular accelerations at the knee and
shoulder joints and muscles timings. Vibration treatment seems to be a useful proprioceptive stimulation in sport activities to
improve muscle control and performance.