Preventive Medicine Center and Health Care for students of Medicine and Health Professions at the Sapienza University of Rome: a research protocol

  • Giuseppe La Torre
  • Alice Mannocci
  • Rosella Saulle
  • Insa Backhaus
  • Cristina Sestili
  • Valeria D'Egidio
  • Iliana Sciarra
  • Rosario Cocchiara
  • Marta Chiappetta
  • Lucia Marinelli
  • Alessia Cottarelli
  • Lamberto Tomassini
  • Chiara Toniolo
  • Angela Del Cimmuto
  • Roberta Curini
  • Sabina Sernia
  • Maria De Giusti
Keywords: Preventive medicine, University students, Faculties of Medicine, primary care, smoking, vaccination, infectious diseases, healthy diet, alcohol consumption, physical activity


This project aims to develop a Center of Preventive Medicine and Health Care for the students of Medicine and Health profession
at Sapienza University of Rome. At the beginning of the university career students, both residents and nonresident s, have to face
several difficulties such as: starting smoking or the increase in cigarette consumption ; the independent management of their own
health (especially for non residents consequently to the distance of the family doctor) ; unhealthy diet; tuberculosis (TB) biological
risk during their university training. These aspects , especially if present at the same time, act as a source stress and adversely affect
the quality of life and the academic performance. Specific aims of the project will be: implementing an ambulatory of Preventive
Medicine; implementing a virtual ambulatory of general medicine; creating a website on the problems mentioned above. Data
collected will be computerized to keep an electronic health record (HER) and to use the information for the purposes of scientific
research. The Centre will act in close relationship with the Central Administration, with the Headmasters of the Medical Faculties,
and in close collaboration with the Center of Occupational Medicine of Sapienza University.