De novo appearance of multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome in a patient affected with lateral meningocele syndrome: unlucky coincidence?

  • Michela Cerroni
  • Stefano Brauneis centro medicina del Dolore - Policlinico umberto I Roma
  • Lorenzo Pescatori
  • Antonio Santoro
Keywords: multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, lateral meningocele syndrome, case report, pain therapy


Although the coexistence of rare pathologies in the same patient is considered an exceptional event, the possibility to contend with a condition such like this may occur in clinical practice. In these cases, a multidisciplinary approach is required in order to find the most appropriate therapeutic strategy.

Here we describe the clinical case of a 61 years old female affected with a rare genetic pathology known as lateral meningocele syndrome (LMS) who developed a pathological condition that could be framed in the context of a multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome (MCSS) characterized by intolerance to several drugs, foods as well as environmental and chemical agents.