Size reduction and improvement of ano-genital warts plate through the application of MIX557-Oleum Hiperici and Neem oil before surgical removal. Preliminary results

  • Claudia Menconi Proctological and Perineal surgery Unit, Department of General Surgery, AOUP Pisa
  • Laura Del Bono
  • Alessandro Sturiale
  • Bernardina Fabiani
  • Dowais Raad
  • Riccardo Morganti
  • Gabriele Naldini
Keywords: ano-genital warts, HPV, oleum Hyperici, Neem oil, AIN, CIN


Background Ano-genital warts are a common manifestation of Human Papilloma virus infection (HPV), which is one of the most frequent sexually transmitted diseases. Nowadays the only chance to treat ano-genital warts is based on two different approaches: topical medication or surgical excision. In some patients the local diffusion of perianal condylomatosis does not allow a single-step surgical excision whereby we are used to perform the two-steps approach.  Anyway the consequence of surgery is often bother perianal scars. Objective To evaluate the effect of MIX557-Oleum Hiperici and Neem oil upon ano-genital warts before and after surgical excision. Methods MIX557-Oleum Hiperici and Neem oil was used in three patients eligible for conventional excisional surgery. The application of MIX557 was twice daily for 6 weeks and the dimension and  size were measured before and after the treatment. Results: In all cases there was a significant regression of the lesions shape changing in “smaller island” of the warts plate. The reduction of the warts dimension allowed a less invasive surgery with smaller wounds and one step excision. Conclusion: MIX557-Oleum Hiperici and Neem oil showed a clinical effect probably based on an immunomodulatory action whose impact on HPV-related lesions deserves investigation. In fact, further studies are needed to analyze the correlation between the clinical response and HPV genotype or the state of immune system in patients with or without HIV infection.