Treatment of severe fluorosis by a combined use of: at-home bleaching and at-office resin infiltration. A case report

  • Marta Mazur Sapienza University of Rome
  • Artnora Ndokaj
  • Debora Pasqualotto
  • Francesca Ripari
  • Denise Corridore
  • Gianna Maria Nardi
  • Livia Ottolenghi
  • Fabrizio Guerra
Keywords: Fluorosis, Bleaching, Icon, Resin infiltration, Enamel defect


Introduction: Severe Enamel Fluorosis is frequently found in young adolescents with aesthetic concerns. Colourimetric alterations could vary from diffuse opacities to demarcated brown and white areas.

Material and methods: One young patient with a severe fluorosis was treated by a combined use of at-home bleaching and at-office resin infiltration.

Results: In all the affected teeth, existing aesthetic enamel alterations, were successfully treated by the combined use of bleaching and Icon® resin application. Given the minimal substance loss due to the erosion infiltration procedure, the patient was extremely satisfied with the results.

Conclusions: Our case report show the capability of treating severe fluorosis with bleaching and subsequent Icon® resin infiltration. Longer observation periods in studies with larger patients population are needed to validate the clinical significance found in this case report.