From sport to sport culture

  • Daniele Masala University of Magna Graecia (Catanzaro)
  • Tamara Boccia
Keywords: Social fragmentation, social youth education, educational pedagogic value, sport value


The article aims to highlight how social fragmentation has produced uneven relationships between all the components that make up the socio-educational framework of the children. The purpose of this article is, in fact, precisely to contribute to a systemic rereading where the science of pedagogy is combined with the educational value of the science of sport and its operational methodology. For this to happen, it is necessary to offer, as a vision of perspective, the conviction, now belonging to the common heritage of knowledge, of the assumption of an educational line by technicians, which outlines new socio-pedagogical frontiers based on three fundamental terms: work networking between educational components; the structuring of a relational framework based on the idea of welcoming community; the enhancement of the concept of "solidarity" in pedagogical and social relations.