Exposure of Nursing Management against covid-19 disease in a University Polyclinic

  • Diego Lefons Specialized Nurse
  • Giulia Evangelista
  • Maria Desimio
  • Susanna Sodo
  • Ilma Molinaro
  • Laura Tibaldi
Keywords: Nurse, Nursing Management, Nursing care, Covid-19, SARS-CoV2, Italy


OBJECTIVE: investigate the skills deployed by nursing professionals during the emergency caused by the new coronavirus, analyze the experiential experience and collect considerations about the future implications of the profession and the working context in which it is inserted.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Qualitative Phenomenological Study conducted in a University hospital in the city of Rome. The sample was recruited with the convenience methodology, including healthcare professionals nurses without gender or age preference employed within the Polyclinic Umberto I in Rome during the new coronavirus emergency. A semi-structured interview was given consisting of 31 questions, collected orally, noted and inserted in decoding tables.

RESULTS: The results obtained were included in the decoding tables until redundancy was achieved. They have been critically analyzed by identifying similarities and differences in the nursing skills required, be they of a technical / theoretical or managerial nature. Professional experiences and future prospects of the profession.

CONCLUSION: The results highlighted the importance of the nursing contribution which, however, should be evaluated with a quantitative methodology. The experiences and skills put in place have recognized nursing as a fundamental profession for dealing with the  COVID-19 pathology.