Managerial roles in dentistry: perceptions, knowledge and skills of professionals

  • Carlotta Grammatico Universit√† La Sapienza, Roma
  • Fabrizio Guerra
  • Giuseppe La Torre
Keywords: Perceptions, knowledge, skills, leadership, dental management roles.


Background: Our research aims to investigate the perceptions of managerial roles by dental hygienists' and dentists' and to identify their managerial and leadership knowledge and skills.

Methods: dental hygienists, dentists, and dental hygiene and dental students were given a 30 items questionnaire to fill out.

Results: The questionnaire revealed excellent results in terms of reliability, both in terms of perception of the importance of managerial roles and personal skills relating precisely to managerial roles. Furthermore, the questionnaire also showed high internal consistency and adequate reproducibility.

Conclusions: Most professionals perceive managerial roles in dentistry to be important, nevertheless their skills in these roles are not sufficiently developed.