Identification of a research protocol to study orthodontic tooth movement

  • Annalisa Dichicco
  • Silvia Del Prete
  • Alessandra Putrino
  • Monica Castellano
  • Gabriella Galluccio
Keywords: Orthodontic tooth movement;, biomarkers;, rotocol of study;


Aim: The orthodontic movement is associated with a process of tissue remodeling together with the release of several chemical
mediators in periodontal tissues. Each mediator is a potential marker of tooth movement and expresses biological processes as: tissue
inflammation and bone remodeling. Different amounts of every mediator are present in several tissues and fluids of the oral cavity.
Therefore, there are different methods that allow sampling with several degrees of invasiveness. Chemical mediators are also
substances of different molecular nature, and multiple kind of analysis methods allow detection. The purpose of this study was to draft
the best research protocol for an optimal study on orthodontic movement efficiency.
Methods: An analysis of the international literature have been made, to identify the gold standard of each aspect of the protocol: type
of mediator, source and method of sampling and analysis method.
Results: From the analysis of the international literature was created an original research protocol for the study and the assessment of
the orthodontic movement, by using the biomarkers of the tooth movement.
Conclusions: The protocol created is based on the choice of the gold standard of every aspect already analyzed in the literature and in
existing protocols for the monitoring of orthodontic tooth movement through the markers of tooth movement. Clinical trials re
required for the evaluation and validation of the protocol created.