Health warnings on tobacco packaging in Italy: do they describe all possible smoking-related conditions?

  • Vittoria Colamesta
  • Alice Mannocci
  • Giuseppe La Torre
Keywords: Smoking-related conditions;, tobacco, health warnings;, Italy;


This report aims to evaluate the adherence between the health warnings on tobacco products in Italy and the smoking-related
conditions known in the scientific literature. The Legislative Decree 2003 and 2012 established the general and the additional
warnings on tobacco packaging. Regarding the smoking-related conditions, the health damages presented in the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC) report are reported. Also a narrative review was performed.
Respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, adverse reproductive outcomes and childhood neurobehavioral disorders are well reported in
the textual health warning. Also there is at least one message indicating that the exposure of secondhand smoke is harmful.
Conversely, several smoking-related cancers and other adverse health effects (diabetes, hip fractures, low bone density in
postmenopausal women, rheumatoid arthritis, mental decline, acne and allergy, etc) are not considered.
The health warnings represent an important mean for communicating that may change smokers’ attitudes and behaviours, therefore,
it’s important to implement them, also considering the introduction of graphical warnings, to maintain their effectiveness over time.