Evaluation of aesthetic integration between composite restorations and natural tooth in NCCL: a case report

  • Fabrizio Guerra
  • Marta Mazur
  • Gianna Maria Nardi
  • Denise Corridore
  • Debora Pasqualotto
  • Francesca Rinado
  • Livia Ottolenghi
Keywords: Aesthetic outcome, NCCL, dentinal hypersensitivity, spectrophotometry


NCCL (non carious cervical lesion) is defined as irreversible loss of dental hard tissue that does not involve bacteria. It consists of
erosion, attrition, abrasion and abfraction that rarely occur alone. Dentinal hypersensitivity is an early symptom of NCCL.
Preventive measures and restorative treatment can avoid the progress of NCCL. This paper reports a case of NCCL treatment with
aesthetic purpose. The aesthetic evaluation was made by means of spectrophotometry as a standardized method. Spectrophotometric
measurements such as International Commission on Illumination (CIE-Commission Internationale de l’Eclaraige) CIE L* a* b*
and ΔE between the sound enamel and resin restoration, provide all the information about the outcome of the aesthetic restorative