Requirements for cabin crew medical examinations and assessments

  • Francesco Di Folco
  • Donato De Cesare
  • Pietro Mutolo
  • Brigid Unim
  • Sabina Sernia
Keywords: cabin crew, medical examination, medical assessment


The aim of the current study is to review current regulations relatively to medical requirements necessary to achieve suitability to fly
of the cabin crew. There are three classes of flight crew medical standards and licensing.
A first class medical certificate is required for all pilots who perform professional flights or skydiving instructors. A second class
medical certificate is required only for persons who do not perform professional flights, skydiving activities or any other professional
activity related to aircraft piloting (cabin crew, holders of Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence - LAPL, remote pilot operators).
Finally, a third class medical certificate is required for workers engaged in air traffic control.