Protocol of a training course for Healthcare Professions Students: the SISMA project

  • Giuseppe La Torre
  • Valeria D'Egidio
  • Roberto Patrissi
  • Massimiliano Chiarini
  • Alice Mannocci
Keywords: Healthcare profession students, training, smoking cessation, health education, online course.


BACKGROUND: Tobacco use is responsible for the death of about six million people and it is still the leading cause of preventable diseases according to WHO. Students Intervention on Smoking Attitudes (SISMA) will be a pilot intervention about tobacco, its health consequences, and training of tobacco cessation techniques delivered to healthcare professions students. METHODS: The intervention will be an optional online course developed over 5 days about tobacco smoking delivered to course of healthcare professions students. Before attending the course knowledge, attitudes, and smoking behavior will be investigated through the Italian validated version of Global Health Professions Student Survey (GHPSS) questionnaire. At the end of the course students will fill out a questionnaire about their satisfaction and evaluation of the course. For the follow up, after 3-4 months smoking attitude and behavior, lifestyle habits, variation about stress and anxiety will be investigated through a telephone interview to students involved.CONCLUSIONS: Healthcare professions students need an adequate training about tobacco cessation technique in the core curriculum during university. The course should be delivered for the health of students, moreover, they are fundamental for both care and prevention, and will represent role model for their patients.